Sentral Information

Video Guides

If you are new and didn’t register for Sentral before, please check this video.

If you have already registered on web portal and want to register for app, please check this video.

Step by step guide

To create a portal app account, please do the following:
– Log in to the web portal
– Go to portal 2
– Click My Access (on left)
– Click Add New Access Key
– Enter the App key given (on right) and click add key

-For the email and password fields, the parents will need to fill out an email and password.
This can be the same as the portal account or different.

– Click I need a new App account and this will then create the account

This will then add the key to the parent account and give app access.

Alternatively if a key has already been added to the account and under My Access the key states “Click to configure App access” this can be selected and the App username and password can be added to the account

In the case that clicking “I already have an app account option” produces an error when the email and password has been entered, the password may need to be reset on the App to ensure the credentials entered match what is within the database

To reset the app password you will need to access the App and click Login

At the bottom of the page click forgot your password and enter your email address